15th Annual Convocation
  • 03:00 PM – 05:00 PM

The academic convocation is an annual event to celebrate the beginning of the new academic year. The new students will be welcomed by KAUST Vice provost, faculty, student, and alumni speakers.

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General News

Welcome Home Alumni

19 February, 2023

The Office of Alumni Affairs is excited to let you know that beginning February 16, 2023, KAUST graduate alumni are welcome to return to KAUST anytime they want!

What you need to know:

• All facilities and services can be accessed by the alumnus and their accompanying dependents, except for KAUST Health (unless is case of an emergency), daycare facilities and The KAUST School. 

• To register your visit, you need your former KAUST ID number to complete the VMS form.

• All alumni will need to enter their up-to-date information when requesting a visit to KAUST. 

• A maximum of eight dependents are permitted for each visit. 

• Alumni and their accompanying dependents can stay for up to seven days.   

• Alumni can reserve their stay directly with The Alkhozama Hotel at KAUST.

For queries about visits to KAUST, please visit the website and contact VisitorCenter@KAUST.EDU.SA

We look forward to welcoming you home.


Archived News


Alumni in the News

Hanin Ahmed
Alumna unveils new insights through ancient DNA

Hanin Ahmed's (PhD '22, MS '18) current research project focuses on sequencing the whole genomes of over 1000 horse samples, comprising both modern and ancient horses from diverse regions across four continents. Through this project, she aims to investigate the genomic structure of horse populations, shedding light on the source and timing of admixture within these populations. As part of her project, she plans to collect samples in the Kingdom as well.

KAUST website


Kiran Narayanan2
Meet Kiran Narayanan, first KAUST alumni chef
What does it take to give up a thriving technology business in Saudi Arabia to come to Bengaluru to open a vegetarian restaurant? That’s exactly what husband and wife duo, Ankita Shree, Managing Director, and Dr. Kiran Narayanan (PhD '18, MS '18), Executive Chef, did. They returned to Bengaluru to start Moglu, a restaurant that celebrates vegetarian gastronomy. Their vision is to bring fresh, high-quality ingredients to create a borderless, plant-forward dining experience that seamlessly combines regional and international flavours, influences and techniques.
Global Indian


KAUST Alumna changes how autonomous systems work
Dr. Amani Alonazi (PhD '19, MS '14) is at the forefront of developing AI and machine learning solutions that enable autonomous systems to enhance safety measures for passengers. Her algorithms allow these systems to understand their surroundings and provide crucial insights. Amani emphasizes that each successful launch signifies a step towards a future where technology smoothly merges with everyday life, ensuring safety, efficiency, and convenience.


Three KAUST scientists named MIT Innovators under 35
KAUST is delighted to announce that three of its scientists, Hamed Albalawi (MS '20, PhD student), Hend Mohamed and Walaa Khushaim (PhD '23), have been named MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 MENA. They are among 15 people named this year. The honor is given to innovators whose inventions and research in their respective scientific fields are shaping the future.
KAUST website


A simple solution for frequency sharing
KAUST Alumnus Aniq Ur Rahman (MS '22 Electrical & Computer Engineering), a Ph.D. student at the University of Oxford, is on the international team led by Mohamed-Slim Alouini that is working to improve terrestrial network performance when satellite networks interfere with the data rates.
KAUST Discovery Magazine


KAUST Alum Tackling Climate Change
Luis Francisco Villalobos (MS' 12, PhD '17 Chemical Engineering) joins USC Viterbi, bringing expertise in separation technology for energy transition and water filtration. His interest lies in how this process can be harnessed at an atomic scale using advanced membranes made from energy-efficient materials. These cutting-edge membranes can secure our drinkable water supply, capture valuable elements from waste products, and aid the transition to clean energy.


KAUST Alumna Works with New Space Crop Technology.
Aubrie O’Rourke (PhD '15, Marine Science) is helping grow space crops – technology that will one day provide fresh food for astronauts on long duration space missions.  O’Rourke is a project scientist at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where she performs both fundamental and application-based science.


Saudi-Based Foodtech Startup Uvera Is Here To Take Away Your Food Spoilage Woes
Uvera's main product, Aurora, is a next-generation artificial intelligence of things device that can increase the shelf-life of fresh food up to 97% on average, within only 30 seconds and without using any chemicals.
Entrepreneur Middle East


Faisal Nawab1
KAUST Alumni leads 3 research projects for Silicon Valley companies
KAUST alumni, Computer Science Assistant Professor Faisal Nawab at the University of California, Irvine, leads a research team to develop projects for technology companies in Silicon Valley, topped by Meta Platforms, Inc., formerly named Facebook, Inc.
Saudi Gazette