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When Solomon Apuu first left his hometown of Gboko in Nigeria for foreign soil, he was bound for Russia on a full scholarship to obtain his bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering.

After Rabab Alomairy completed her master’s degree in Computer Science at KAUST in 2013, she took some time to reflect on her academic journey so-far.

She explains that KAUST “didn't just fund [her] education abroad, they also [provided] enrichment experiences throughout the four years of college"

“I will go out of my way to advise people to come to KAUST,” he concludes, “because I know what KAUST did for me, and what it will still do for so many aspiring students.”

“I feel like students who graduate from KAUST are the leaders of the future" he says, “and alumni are always kept involved in moving KAUST forward.”

“I’ve always lived near the sea,” shares Lyndsey Tanabe, who has graduated from KAUST with a Ph.D. in marine science.


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