WEP 2023: Call for Proposals for the Alumni Lecture Series

06 April, 2022

Proposals are now open for the 2023 Winter Enrichment Program, including the Alumni Lecture Series, which will take place 8-19 January.


Call for Proposals

We invite alumni to submit a theme-related proposal by 5:00 pm on Thursday May 12, 2022. 

The WEP 2023 is Edge - the cusp of discovery, where the bold take risks to push frontiers to expand understanding, to change the world through research.  Edge will seek out the risk-takers across a broad spectrum, not just inter-disciplinary science-pioneers, but the boundary-breakers in business, the arts and humanities; the policymakers that enable; the communicators that explain the unexplainable.

You can submit your proposal for the WEP Alumni Lecture Series, as well as other WEP-related sessions, here.