KAUST Alumni Traditions – the Beacon pin

07 December, 2020

In 2017 Alumni Affairs introduced the giving of a gift to our graduating students. This gesture was so warmly received it has become an alumni tradition we hope to build on into the future. That first gift to the Class of 2017 was a small, gold colored Beacon pin for graduating students to wear on their regalia as they crossed the stage. 

It took two Commencement ceremonies before we noticed an increase in the wearing of the pin, with many of the Class of 2019 seeking us out at rehearsal to receive their special gift. Why a Beacon shaped pin? This gift evolved through alumni feedback who told us KAUST's Beacon is iconic, with many earlier alumni even remembering its construction. 

 Three years on, the tradition lives on with the Beacon pin now a platinum color, much larger, and featuring the year of graduation. Although we won’t have a chance to give the pins in person, we’re pleased our graduating Class of 2020 has received their pin to their door inside Commencement gift boxes.